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Privacy & Security

At JVG IMPORTS LLC, we work hard every day to serve you better and better when you purchase the products that are marketed through the Company or use the services available on the Company's website or mobile applications. Taking care of your personal data that you share with us is a fundamental part of this. Therefore, we want you to know how we use them to offer you a better and more personalized customer experience and how we protect them.

The responsible for your personal data is JVG IMPORTS LLC, with address at 11501 NW 89 st Doral FL.

We invite you to read our Privacy Policy in detail and if you have any questions, please contact us at

What does this policy cover?

This document, hereinafter "Privacy Policy" or "Policy", explains in detail the types of Personal Data we collect about you when you interact directly or indirectly. It also explains how we use and safeguard your Personal Data, with whom we share it, what your rights are and how you can exercise them.

What do we use your data for?

By virtue of the consent you give us by accepting this Policy, we are entitled to process your data for the following:

a.- The main purpose is the management and execution of the contracts you enter into with or through the Company and the management and execution of the benefits granted by the Company. This means that you Authorize us to:

(i) manage the execution of the contract(s) you enter into with or through the company, answer your queries, claims, requests, among other actions that we must carry out to manage these contracts.

(ii) Process your personal data so that you can participate and make use of the benefits through any of the communication, sale or exchange channels, both in person and remotely.

(iii) contact you with information on products provided by the company and, in general, manage queries, requests and claims related to them.

(iv) comply with marketing objectives, this means that JVG IMPORTS LLC can develop a user profile (individual or aggregate) applying or not applying predictive models and, thus, improve the products that are marketed. They may also send you offers, promotions and advertisements for products and services that are preferred by our users in general, or by you in particular, and invite you to participate in contests offered by JVG IMPORTS LLC.

(v) analyze and prepare statistical studies on the consumption interests and purchasing habits of our users and, in general terms, on relevant matters for the preparation of market studies or own or third-party marketing campaigns.

(vi) develop commercial actions, including post-sale services, of a general nature or directed personally to you, aimed at improving your experience as a customer, for example: informing you about the status of your offices or events related to the exchange or purchase of products at JVG IMPORTS LLC, automatically complete the necessary documents to carry out your transactions, carry out satisfaction surveys, campaigns to update Personal Data and carry out collection actions.

(vii) to contact you through our communication channels, both physical and remote, for example: letter, call center, email, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or text messages (via SMS, website or mobile applications) , WhatsApp or other similar platforms, to the cell phone number that you have registered or any other contact information that you inform us, in order to send you information related to the purposes described in this section.

What safeguards does JVG Imports LLC take to protect your personal data?

The Company maintains the physical, electronic and procedural safeguards required by legal regulations in relation to the collection, storage and transfer of your Personal Data, and periodically evaluates their effectiveness. The purpose of these safeguards is to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access, or accidental loss, destruction, or damage to your Personal Data.

Therefore, when the Company collects data through its website or mobile application, it does so through a secure server that has protection programs. In addition, the Company's security procedures require that proof of identity is sometimes required before we can provide you with information about your Personal Data.

In the case of electronic payment card information, the Company also uses systems that encrypt the information, preventing fraudulent use. Although it is not possible to guarantee the above, these systems have proven to be effective in handling confidential information, preventing access by external threats (for example, hackers). Notwithstanding the foregoing, we recommend that you do not send unencrypted credit or debit card data or from public or unsecured sites or computers. Please note that you are solely responsible for protecting against unauthorized access to your password and computer.

Finally, it is important that you bear in mind that the JVG IMPORTS LLC website can facilitate access through links to different websites corresponding to external entities, companies, institutions or organizations. Falabella will not be held responsible in relation to the registration of personal data that you can do on said websites.

Bulk orders

All orders are prepared with one working day. Please enter our catalog or our price list so you can see the characteristics and specifications of the products. You can communicate with us by chat. We will prepare your order as soon as possible. We will wait for you!

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